Keep Learning, Stay Sane

By Sarah Harris, Founder, Magnesium Collective

In this time crisis you should …… what? I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. I don’t know your worries, your personal or financial circumstances, what keeps you awake at night. But here’s something that worked for me (so far) and has started to make me feel that I can face the many new norms – now is not forever neither is near or next. Over the past year I’ve book-marked 100s of articles and downloaded a similar amount of reports. I’ve looked longingly at lists of top ten marketing/strategy/business books. I’ve searched out inspirational podcasts. I’ve signed up for ebooks and blogs and newsletters and they lay dormant in the “attic” of my promotions tab, downloads file, iTunes library, bookshelf. So I’m reading them, then keeping or deleting. And slowly but surely I’m learning new things – amongst the turgid, the slapdash or the salesy – there’s good stuff. My brain is getting a healthier diet of challenging, thought-provoking, clever and creative ideas. I’m loving Rory Sutherland Alchemy, the podcast Let’s Talk Marketing and Susan A. David, Ph.D. Emotional Agility. I feel better, maybe slightly smarter, better informed. And like the doctor’s Hippocratic oath – it’s doing me no harm.